Attraction-Sparking Conversation Tips


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More often than not, we get to know other individuals through the people we already know. It is always the job of the common acquaintance to introduce the two persons who are still strangers to each other.  A simple but important problem arises in introducing people: Who should you introduce first?

Hierarchy and seniority is often observed in society as seniors and superiors are said to be wiser and more knowledgeable due to their longer experiences. People encounter new people every day. In proper introductions of people, hierarchy is done as a sign of respect.

Humans, as social beings, inevitably get the chance to talk to various types of people. Most of the time, these opportunities come from gatherings such as parties and events. Where there are social gatherings, conversations are bound to occur. So, how to make a good conversation?

Below are some conversation tips you may consider.

Great conversations come from topics that are interesting.  The proper topic varies for different groups of people and the event that brought them together. To become good conversationalist means to know what topics would be proper for a particular situation.

Most of the time topics that usually spark interest are those under:

  • Sports that are known worldwide
  • Local or international news and current events
  • Best-selling books of different genres
  • A compliment about the event, such as food, venue, or ambience, they are currently in

In almost every conversation, avoid asking personal questions especially the controversial ones like heartaches, broken engagements, and the like. It is also best to avoid these very sensitive topics:

  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Race
  • Money

These are the topics that might offend other people even if done as a joke. It is also not good to use inappropriate languages, such as curse words and words with sexual innuendos.  A good conversationalist also knows how to avoid improper etiquette in any type of conversations.

Then, how to be a good conversationalist?

A good conversationalist is basically someone who is well versed in sparking the interest of a person or group of people.  If you want to be a good conversationalist you must possess these abilities:

  • They know how to give and receive compliments.
  • They immediately know the topics a particular group is interested in.
  • They know a lot of topics and are able to appear as if they know so much about a topic that they know little about.
  • They never act rude by correcting another person’s vocabulary or grammar.
  • They talk to everyone that is part of the conversation.
  • They have great sense of humor.

They feel when people are already uninterested with what they are saying.