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However the result was a steroid with fully different properties, despite the chemical similarity. In the 1950s and 1960s the Ciba company released several experimental compound forms, and finally stopped at the long ester – undecylenate. As is known, all is learned in comparison, – that’s us for the “clarity” and in order to better understand the mechanism of operation of equipoise, it is necessary to compare its effect with the pharmacokinetics of other androgens and anabolic steroids. If discard methyl group in the 17th position in the first case and the chain ether in the same position in the second, then the molecules to be completely identical. This identity made many experts confused, who considered injecting boldenone analogue “methane”. The methyl group at position 17 greatly changes the spatial structure of the molecule methandrostenolone and as much can be said dramatically changes the properties of the drug. In addition, it is necessary to take into account that methane loses this very methyl group with great difficulty – for two or even three passes through the liver.

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Under the influence of aromatase methandrostenolone it turns into a 17-methyl-estradiol and equipoise in weaker estradiol. But this difference and makes this drug versatile – thanks to the above-mentioned double bond equipoise is almost not affected by the enzyme 5-Reductase. 5-Reductase alters the properties of the starting material. So, ganabols properties remain constant and unchanged regardless of who takes the drug – that is what makes it universal. Equipoise can be considered a “soft” version of testosterone.

Indeed, their behavior in the human body to some extent seems to stabilize both well androgen receptor both have non-genomic activity, although it is expressed testosterone better. Another difference – the ability to increase the synthesis of muscle fibers of IGF-1 under the influence of even high doses androgel testosterone gel price boldenone was observed. 5-Reductase converts nandrolone in dihydronandrolone – the substance is much more weak with regard to the activation of the androgen receptor. That is, ganabol, transformation with 5 -Reductase inhibitors are not affected, can be considered a priori more powerful drug than nandrolone. Besides, equipoise expressed, although not as clearly as his “brother” methandrostenolone, non-genomic activity, which, however, did not have nandrolone. On the other hand, is there expressed nandrolone progestogenic activity that allows it to pass already boldenone set in terms of weight, but not so significantly.