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A pattern of behavior that is verbally or physically harmful to other people, animals, or property, including behavior that severely violates social expectations for a particular environment. Most children exhibit some antisocial behavior during their development, and different children demonstrate varying levels of prosocial and antisocial behavior. A salient characteristic of antisocial children and adolescents is that they appear to have no feelings. Besides showing no care for others’ feelings or remorse for hurting others, they tend to demonstrate none of their own feelings except anger and hostility, and even these are communicated by their aggressive acts and not necessarily expressed through affect. Antisocial behavior may also be a direct attempt to alter the environment. Social learning theory suggests that negative behaviors are reinforced during childhood by parents, caregivers, or peers. Different forms of antisocial behavior will appear in different settings.

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Antisocial children tend to minimize the frequency of their negative behaviors, and any reliable assessment must involve observation by mental health professionals, parents, teachers, or peers. Treatment The most important goals of treating antisocial behavior are to measure and describe the individual child’s or adolescent’s actual problem behaviors and to effectively teach him or her the positive behaviors that should be adopted instead. In severe cases, medication will be administered to control behavior, but it should not be used as substitute for therapy. Children who experience explosive rage respond well to medication. A variety of methods may be employed to deliver social skills training, but especially with diagnosed antisocial disorders, the most effective methods are systemic therapies which address communication skills among the whole family or within a peer group of other antisocial children or adolescents. Unfortunately, conduct disorders, which are the primary form of diagnosed antisocial behavior, are highly resistant to treatment. Often, the child may be fortunate to be diagnosed at all.

Studies show that children who are given order Winstrol Depot in UK skills instruction decrease their antisocial behavior, especially when the instruction is combined with some form of supportive peer group or family therapy. But the long-term effectiveness of any form of therapy for antisocial behavior has not been demonstrated. Behavior and Instructional Management: An Ecological Approach. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Julian Messner, 1990. The Behavior Management Handbook: Setting Up Effective Behavior Management Systems. Children Who Hate: The Disorganization and Breakdown of Behavior Controls.