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The first step was my fantastic family came around and put spotlights in and smashed out the shower cubicle so we could have a bigger kitchen. We also had a plasterer come and smooth everything over before the kitchen fitters arrived. We got a local builders to help us from Ideal Improvements in Bournemouth to come and do the stripping out and fitting of the new kitchen. They were fabulous – Nick is so calm and reassuring which I needed and had ideas for how to fit everything.

He was also a real perfectionist, changing how high or low the androgel testosterone gel price were to make it all fit just so. Initially, we chose our kitchen from Magnet. It’s the Dunham Midnight on the bottom cabinets and Dunham White on the upper cabinets. We went to Magnet in Christchurch and the lady who helped us design it, Tina, was fantastic. She came out to measure the room, drew up a few designs and allowed us to change it many times, and recommended colours and worktops. However Tina said to us, we should go away and google everything on the list and get it elsewhere if it was cheaper.