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buy Turinabol online

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It is used mostly in the United States. Oxandrolone has been researched and prescribed as a treatment for a wide variety of conditions. Medical research has established the effectiveness of oxandrolone in aiding the development of girls with Turner syndrome. Although oxandrolone has long been used to accelerate growth in children with idiopathic short stature, it is unlikely to increase adult height, and in some cases may even decrease it. Oxandrolone has, therefore, largely been replaced by growth hormone for this use. Many bodybuilders and athletes use oxandrolone for its muscle-building effects. It is much more anabolic than androgenic, so women and those seeking less intense steroid regimens use it particularly often.

Like other AASs, oxandrolone may worsen hypercalcemia by increasing osteolytic bone resorption. Unlike some AASs, oxandrolone does not generally cause gynecomastia because it is not buy Magnus Pharmaceuticals steroids into estrogenic metabolites. Uniquely among 17α-alkylated AAS, oxandrolone shows little to no hepatotoxicity, even at high doses. Oxandrolone greatly increases warfarin’s blood-thinning effect, sometimes dangerously so. In April 2004, Savient Pharmaceuticals published a safety alert through the FDA warning healthcare professionals of this. Like other AASs, oxandrolone is an agonist of the androgen receptor, similar to androgens such as testosterone and DHT. Compared to testosterone and many other AASs, oxandrolone is less androgenic relative to its strength as an anabolic.