Everything You Need To Know Adout Cubicle Etiquette


Always remember that Office cubicle etiquette starts with privacy. Even though workplaces have large areas known as open cubicle farms, always treat each cubicle as a private office.

When you want to enter a coworker’s cubicle always make sure they are aware that you want to come in. Even if there is no door give a little knock on the wall and wait for them to give you permission.

Careful not to interrupt

Never barge in and sneak up on a fellow worker while they are in their private cubicle. You never know if they are in deep thought on an important assignment. Or they were just day dreaming of their Florida vacation the following week. Either way never interrupt.

Converse face to face

Avoid talking and yelling across cubicles. Remember that you have your coworkers who are working hard, or may even be on the phone with a customer. That is bad cubicle etiquette, and will surely send your fellow coworkers to cubicle hell. Which in turn so will you. Instead show your manners and walk around to the other person’s cubicle that you want to speak to. Everyone will appreciate that.


When on the telephone, be aware of how loud you are talking. If you were having a private conversation while speaking in a loud volume, you better believe that your private conversation has turned into a public conversation for everybody. Your personal business became their business.

Never use the speakerphone in your cubicle. For a cubicle office space that is just bizarre. Turn off all cell phone ringers and put it on vibrate or silent. When you leave your cubicle, remember to turn off your phone ringer.


If you work well while listening to music, play your radio at a low volume where only you can hear. Or you may choose to use a headset. Your neighbors might work better with peace and quiet. Or they simply do not like the music you listen to. You probably like listening to hip hop and they might like country. That is a recipe for bad cubicle etiquette.

Sound Effects

Turn off all the sound effects you have on your computer such as your messenger, screen-saver, and games. Nobody cares to hear when you have a winning hand at Texas hold em

Food scents

When it comes to food it is best that you leave your smelly onions and garlic soaked foods in the break room. Workers have even complained about the smell of pizza, and we know pizza smells good. Chips and snacks that are not smelly are perfectly fine.