The Alchemists

As an entrepreneur you need to have ideas, drive and dedication to turn knowledge into enterprise. But it is a lot easier to grow quickly with an expert support network. The Alchemists is an investor and mentor club operating across the South East region in partnership with the Enterprise Hubs.

The Alchemists' mission is to help early-stage, fast-growth companies that require funding, industry contacts, non-executive directors, members for advisory boards, or simply a regular sounding board for business ideas. All of the Alchemists are knowledgeable professionals with experience of fast growing businesses.

How it works

The Alchemists give entrepreneurs the opportunity to tap into a regional network of experts through a series of quarterly meetings at which selected companies are showcased. Specific benefits to the entrepreneur include:

  • Experience of presenting the business and strategy to an interested audience
  • The chance to present to an expert audience of investors and mentors and to attract interest in the business
  • High-level networking: the opportunity to get feedback on the business proposition and to make long-term contacts

Entrepreneurs normally make presentations of about 10 minutes, followed by questions from the audience. Presentations are followed by a reception that is an ideal networking opportunity.

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