Intellectual Property Advice

Intellectual property (IP) is a vital component of a company's value, a contributor to its success and major source of sustainable competitive advantage. However, dealing with IP is complex, expensive and time consuming. It is best to seek advice at the outset.

How it works

Enterprise Hubs offer a range of specialist IP services. These include conducting an audit to establish the composition of your IP portfolio. This will identify actual and potential IP owned by your company and will generate several outputs:

  • A summary inventory of existing and potential IP showing its status: idle, expired, licensed (in or out), wholly owned, partially owned and non-viable
  • A commercial assessment of IP prioritised according to feasibility and compatibility with business strategy
  • A strategy for the protection and commercial exploitation of IP. This includes a competitor appraisal and commentary on the international potential.
  • An action plan of quick wins and strategic objectives.

Having evaluated a company's IP portfolio, the Hub can help with its application, filing and defence. In particular:

  • Advice on the optimum form of IP, including: patent, trade mark, copyright, and design rights
  • Analysis of the scope of IP protection by subject matter and geographic distribution.

Prior to application, the Hub will advise on:

  • The 'novelty' of a new invention - by reference to 'prior art' - to establish the likely success of registration
  • How to devise a brief for patent agents and manage costs
  • Formulating strategies to commercialise IP and align with company R&D and commercial goals.

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