INNOVATIONS: Manna From Heaven

Tired of the endless procession of identical snacks, Food Pioneers Ltd set to work dreaming up a more inspiring range of food products. The result was a fresh  food brand called ‘Heaven’s Kitchen’ with an emphasis on indulgent products with interesting flavour combinations. Think “hibiscus and blueberry” or “lavender  and milk chocolate” and you’ll get the idea.    

“The brand is all about fun with creative and exotic new flavours to pleasure the palate and get people talking. But strictly no artificial additives,” says MD Paul Hargreaves.     

The Enterprise Hub has helped right from the beginning: analysing the market, identifying and developing the products, through to brand development and assisting with identifying manufacturers.    

Simon Dale, Food Technology Enterprise Hub Director says, “Food Pioneers has developed a fantastic brand and range of products based upon strong market intelligence and guidance from a range of experts. Its willingness to be open  to new ideas, accept challenges and be highly innovative in its products should help it go far in a competitive marketplace.”     

February 2007 saw the launch of Heavenly Food’s first product; Momentinis which are neither cake nor biscuit but a new concept in food, aimed  at sophisticated and adventurous consumers. Other heavenly products are on the way.


Created Date: 27-03-2007


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