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Hub News: Cold Comfort...

A revolutionary new fabric designed by Surrey Hub client, APA Parafricta Ltd,  is set to relieve the suffering of very sick children at Great Ormond Street Hospital.    

The Parafricta fabric has a friction coefficient close to that of ice yet with the strength of steel, so the fabric doesn't jerk or snatch when one surface, such as skin, begins to move against another.    

“The fabric is a true breakthrough for those suffering from serious  skin conditions,” says Jackie Denyer of Great Ormond Street.    

It is already being used to treat Epidermolysis Bullosa, a crippling skin disease featured in a recent Channel 4 programme ‘The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off’, and is displayed in the Science Museum’s ‘Challenge of Materials’ gallery as a ‘Fabric of the Future’.    

Hub Director Mike Lunch says, “The Parafricta fabric has huge potential to save time and money and improve the quality of care for patients. Made up into garments and bed linen it can help to prevent pressure sores and protect wound dressings.    

“The Surrey Enterprise Hub team is supporting the very professional and experienced management team of APA Parafricta to help secure the funding needed to build the marketing and sales activity for these really beneficial healthcare products.”    


Author: George Sampson

Created Date: 24-03-2007

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