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INNOVATIONS: Plasma Protection

A breakthrough coating technology that is invisible to the naked eye and delivers a level of liquid resistance never seen before has been developed by Oxfordshire enterprise Hub client P2i Ltd.

 “ion-mask®”, an enhancement process that works at a molecular level, binds invisibly to the surfaces of products and gives them an extraordinary ability to repel most liquids including oil and water. Originally developed by the Ministry of Defence to protect soldiers from chemical attack, it has numerous applications. A protective layer just nanometres thick can be applied to a huge range of objects including stents, filters and metals by means of an ionised gas or “plasma”.

P2i Ltd was established in 2004 as park of the UK MOD’s programme of commercialisation of government technologies and received its first commercial order in January 2007 to establish a mass manufacturing process.

Author: Enterprise Hub Director - John Lee

Created Date: 17-12-2007


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