INNOVATIONS: Slipping Into Gear

A clever idea from Canterbury Enterprise Hub client Ice Alert is establishing a firm foothold in road safety and saving lives across many countries

Ice Alert is a temperature sensitive device that gives a visible warning to road and pavement users about the dangers of ice. Small signs are mounted on marker posts which, when activated at low air temperatures, turn to reveal small blue reflectors, changing the colour of the sign from white to blue. A blue sign warns of the possibility of ice on the road, warning local authorities to trigger their gritting lorries to treat the roads and to tell drivers to take care. Following great results from early independent tests by Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, the company now has a broad range of customers including local authorities, banks, museums, oil companies and railway networks and has agreed distribution deals with companies across the globe. 

Enterprise Hub Director, David Butler says, “The concept is quite simple, but there is a huge potential market for this product in countries with cold winters or mountainous regions across the world.”

Author: Enterprise Hub Director - David Butler

Created Date: 17-12-2007


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