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Five million searches before your 1st Birthday?

Solent Hub client, Everyclick.com, the search engine that gives half of its revenue to charity, has delivered over five million searches in under one year.

The site was launched in mid June last year and currently supports over 1,150 charities. 50% of its revenue goes to charity each month. Each listed charity receives a percentage of that revenue equivalent to the proportion of its supporters’ use of everyclick. The service is constantly evolving to give its users a unique experience. Everyclick.com delivers results as well as the facility to shop with a range of leading online retailers whilst benefiting the charity of your choice.

Polly Gowers, Managing Director said, “Our vision is to create a sustainable fundraising facility which enables Internet users to benefit their favourite charity whenever they search the web. We are determined to make everyclick.com available to as many people as possible – just imagine how much of a difference it could make if all charity supporters generated an additional £16 for their favourite charity as they searched the web.”

Arthur Monks, Solent Hub Director commented, “www.everyclick.com came to us to raise Angel funding. We worked with Polly on the Investor Pitch and they were successful in raising £150,000 at our April “Angels for Growth” event. This is one to watch, a flotation is a definite possibility. It could easily be alongside Google and other major players in a matter of months.

Author: Arthur Monks

Created Date: 23-08-2006


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