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INNOVATIONS - Hospital in a box goes global

Companies throughout the Hub network are turning innovative ideas into commercial success. Here's an idea that you can expect to see more of in the future.  

Global Medical Solutions has launched the revolutionary CompactOR™ (Compact Operating Room), a compact, cost-effective, mobile medical and surgical delivery unit.  

Nicknamed “the hospital in a box”, the CompactOR™ fits in the back of a jeep, works without mains electricity, and enables doctors and nurses to perform major operations with general anaesthesia.   The various components include operating lights, anaesthetic delivery system, diathermy, suction, defibrillator, multi-parameter physiological monitor, emergency resuscitation drugs and equipment, uninterruptible power supply, with renewable energy options including solar power.  

New Scientist magazine described the CompactOR™ as “portable and mobile, giving it particular efficacy in emergency situations and for disaster relief worldwide.”  

Inventor Alex Bushell commented, “I would personally like to thank all the technicians and companies involved in the research and development of the CompactOR System, also Dr Seyi Oyesola, my partner, for the support and belief in my vision.”   Sittingbourne Hub Director John Dodd added, “Global Medical Systems is a portfolio client and we have helped it market its product to Foreign Health Ministers as well as giving it ongoing business advice and a mentor from the Sittingbourne Enterprise Hub Board. The product has great potential in disaster relief and we look forward to watching the company grow.”  

Contact Alex Bushell,

Global Medical Systems T +44 1795 411534


Author: Ally Charles

Created Date: 11-11-2006


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