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INNOVATIONS - 02M8 Internet home automation

Companies throughout the Hub network are turning innovative ideas into commercial success. Here's an idea that you can expect to see more of in the future.  

Newbury Hub client O2M8 has developed an affordable and flexible internet-based home automation system.   The O2M8 Home automation system allows people to control and monitor their homes for convenience, reduced running costs, entertainment, safety and security. Home owners interact with home automation systems through the use of switches, buttons, sensors, infra-red and wireless controllers, touch screen displays and personal computers. O2M8 home automation systems can also be controlled through the internet allowing home owners to monitor and control their home through a standard web browser.

Contact: O2M8 Ltd T 01189 301 833 E [email protected]

Author: Ally Charles

Created Date: 10-11-2006


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