MARINE: Yellowfin ltd

Southampton Enterprise Hub client Yellowfin has spent the last five years developing a revolutionary drive for recreational sailing boats. The new propulsion system, christened the Variable Surface Drive (VSD), is claimed to more than double efficiency, and boost performance and control. Yellowfin are describing it as a revolution in marine propulsion systems similar to the development of the sail.  

Anne Duncan, Yellowfin’s Managing Director, said,“VSD makes boating more fun, more efficient and perhaps above all more economical. With its fuel economy goes reduced noise, vibration, and exhaust and thermal emissions. This is not just a minor innovation but a step change in terms of manoeuvrability and ease of use.”  

Southampton Enterprise Hub has worked closely with Yellowfin from its inception. Hub Director Steve Davis commented, “Yellowfin has been working closely with the Hub in the Solent Marine Community project, where Anne Duncan is the industrial chairperson and where the company is an exemplar new technology start-up in its own right; Anne is also a Merlin Mentor and is supporting Hub start-up companies.”  


Author: Ally Charles

Created Date: 10-11-2006


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