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Enterprise Hub Network - Case History

Oxfordshire Enterprise Hub
Dr John Lee


Company Background

CyberTherm is a young and dynamic family firm which has developed a radiator that is only one millimetre thick.

The heating panel can be stuck directly on to walls, is much cheaper to run and install than conventional radiators and is powered by as little as 300 watts of electricity.

The product is designed to warm people in a room by radiant heat. Unlike a normal convection system, which heats the air in a room in order to warm its occupants, it warms people directly.

This makes it extremely energy efficient – the air in the room can be between three and five degrees Celsius colder than the air in a conventionally-heated room and feel just as comfortable and warm.

Once a panel is in position, its surface can be decorated using any decorative finish (e.g. paint, plaster, wallpaper, tile or mirror), leaving it completely hidden from view.

CyberTherm, in Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, was founded by Jake Kingsbury, and his brother Toby two years ago after their father Gerald, owner of a Derbyshire-based electrochemical company, bestowed the technology to his sons.

The technology has many applications and the radiator is ready to launch.

Work with Enterprise Hub

Oxfordshire Enterprise Hub Portfolio Director Wendy Tindsley, who has been working with the company for two months, said: “CyberTherm is a very exciting young company. The technology has enormous potential and the two sons are lucky to have their father’s experience of subcontracting in China as well as his industry contacts to call on.

“They all know the electrochemical industry inside out but they are not experienced in bringing an electrical appliance to the marketplace. They also have a limited knowledge of electrical products and the construction industry, which is where we can find ways of helping.”

Assistance given by the hub has included:

  • Introducing CyberTherm to a business mentor who is assisting with their marketing and business planning and has encouraged the two men to get impartial testing to provide independently verified data on the product’s safety and performance
  • Introducing the company to the South East Centre for the Built Environment (SECBE) for support with their marketing strategy and for help with industry contacts
  • Helping them to apply for the Commercialisation Fund from Finance South East
  • Introducing them to another hub company in the electrical sector to give them advice on regulations, pitfalls and electrical engineering procedures
  •  Introducing them to UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) for support and advice on supplying export markets

Managing Director Jake Kingsbury, aged 31, said: “Help from the Enterprise Hub has been invaluable. We have made some great contacts such as SECBE, and it has been really helpful in giving us a structure. As a business we were very focused on product development and R&D. The hub has helped us to get our business administration in place and helped us with a marketing and sales strategy so that we will be able to commercialise our exciting new system.”

What’s next

From August 2008, CyberTherm will be manufacturing the radiators in small batches in the UK to supply niche markets here, in Europe and the Far East. Once independent tests have verified the high levels of energy efficiency achieved through the use of the CyberTherm system, they will start supplying an increasing customer base worldwide.  This increased demand will be met by opening production facilities in China.

The estimated turnover in the first year is £125k

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