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01 Dec 2008 - Youngsters in loco motion as Brighton’s Locomatrix wins investment
Locomatrix, a Brighton-based company, is quite literally aiming to reshape the landscape of the gaming industry by launching a GPS-enabled mobile phone platform that encourages children to play outdoors.

01 Dec 2008 - Funding opens online changing room door for iStylista
iStylista, an online personal stylist service that provides clients with the ‘ultimate time saving solution to clothes shopping’, has received funding of £25,000 from Finance South East to help commercialise the company’s new Online Changing Room concept.

01 Dec 2008 - GFC Diagnostics awarded R&D grant to develop saliva test
GFC Diagnostics, a company that produces and supplies a simple test to detect and monitor tobacco smoking habits, has been awarded a £20,000 SEEDA Micro Research and Development Grant to help the business develop a saliva-based test.

27 Nov 2008 - Development grant for University of Oxford spin out makes perfect sensor
Oxford RF Sensors, a company that designs non-contact electromagnetic sensors based on patented Radio Frequency (RF) technology developed at the University of Oxford, has been awarded a SEEDA Development grant of £170,000 to develop simple inexpensive water quality sensors.

21 Oct 2008 - Dr Hal comes up Trumps!
Dr Hal Sosaboswki, a Principal Lecturer at the University of Brighton, has been awarded £60,000 in funding to commercialise his novel approach for children to learn about chemistry.

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