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Gatwick Diamond Enterprise Hub
Stephen Wood


Company Background

Shoreham-based Go4Fresh is a business that has been nine years in the making, but its proposition is entirely of the current moment.

The concept, developed by Ian Rowling, is a remotely monitored and controlled retail cabinet selling short shelf-life, fresh, healthy meals and snacks, and intended for installation in varied locations including hospitals, industry, schools, colleges, and government offices as part of the ongoing drive to promote healthy eating.

In these early stages, Go4Fresh is partnering with a producer of healthy sandwiches and snacks to stock the machines daily, according to the preferences of the owner of the location. Via remote software, the machines can be monitored, and a full audit trail provided to the end user detailing both the inventory and the sales.

All packaging is degradable, and arrangements can be made for waste packaging to be collected and taken for composting.

The concept was launched in June 2008, at ‘Steps to Sustainability’, the event Gatwick Diamond Enterprise Hub organised to gather local businesses together and engage them with government representatives and business experts to develop innovative ways for companies to introduce and maintain sustainability in the workplace.

The first release of product will go live in August 2008.

Work with the Enterprise Hub

Go4Fresh’s Ian Rowling says that Gatwick Diamond has provided the business with an enormous amount of assistance that has helped them to get to launch in the best possible shape to succeed. Assistance has included:

  • Business advice and networking enabling Go4Fresh to secure local supply partners and early Angel investment
  • Refining the business plan, financial model and investment proposition
  • Help in securing first stage Commercialisation Loan from SEEDA through Finance South East
  • Providing a platform for the launch of product and introductions to potential customers

Ian Rowling said: “Our business consultant at Gatwick Diamond Enterprise Hub, Colin Hayhurst, has been absolutely first rate. He has taken the time to really get to grips with our business idea and our aspirations and, because he has got under the skin of Go4Fresh, he has been able to provide us with the very best advice and support.”

Gatwick Diamond Enterprise Hub director Steve Wood said: “Ian and his partners had done a great job in getting the product trialled and then ready for market entry, to the extent that Go4Fresh‘s potential was plain to see.    Our role has been primarily to augment the management team and support them in raising necessary funding to enable market launch.

What’s next

The first machines will arrive in their locations during the summer of 2008. Once these are established and running well, the company will move on to the next stage in its development. To this end, Go4Fresh is seeking partnerships with national retailers and organisations that provide meals and snacks in public buildings, to take on and manage the retail units. Go4Fresh’s goal is to focus on the data management aspect, and to develop additional, complementary systems.

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