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SHOWCASE: Investment Readiness - Intelligent Retail



MARKET OFFER - Helping Independent Retails to Compete

The competitive advantage for smaller retailers helping independent retailers to compete Intelligent Retail Ltd produces technology that helps independent retailers to compete on the high street. 

Managing Director, David Mackley explained, “We tailor our products to meet the specific needs of each retail sector, and they are geared to help increase a client’s revenue.”

One unique piece of software converts a till into a multi-channel business system, which can be driven from one stock structure allowing the retailer to sell through multiple channels (eg: over-the-counter, e-commerce, Ebay, and mail order). “So far,” commented David, “The big multiples are the only ones to have had access to this kind of technology. We can level the playing field.”

PREPARING FOR THE MARKET - Focusing On Your Core Market

Intelligent Retail was launched in 2000 and began to trade in 2005. The company developed its product carefully in order to clearly differentiate themselves from others.

Newbury Enterprise Hub helped the company to focus on its core markets, and to develop products that fitted those markets exactly.

“Hub support helped us to streamline our business plan and identify decision-making goals. It’s still the first port of call for any information we need about daily challenges.”

PROSPECTS - From Fashion To Organics

So far the company has launched products for the giftware, interiors and furniture and nursery goods sectors. It is planning the launch of Fashion Connect, and is working on the launch of Organics Connect, which will help organic farm shops to comply with new Soil Association requirements to track sales of organic products.

Hub Director, Ed Cooper says, “Investors are always looking for a strong and unique offer with a large potential market. Intelligent Retail has worked with us to develop a well structured business model to deliver growth. Its sales demonstrate that this works. These factors combine to make Intelligent Retail an extremely attractive investment opportunity.”


Brothers David and Neil Mackley joined forces to launch Intelligent Retail after success in their own fields. David had been a technical manager and worked in marketing and business management working for Research Machines plc and QM plc before taking an MBA. Neil is a highly experienced software developer working for Shell and Logica. 


In 1998 total turnover for all VAT-based enterprises in the United Kingdom in the retail   industry amounted to £4 thousand billion.    

Retail sales of organic products in the UK were worth approximately £1.6 billion during 2005, an increase of 30% on the previous year.

Contact: David Mackley

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