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MARKET OFFER - Tracking Customer Movements to Maximise Profits

Path Intelligence’s latest product is based on a proprietary new technology that accurately locates mobile phones. Footpath uses a series of monitoring units to measure signals from consumers’ mobile phones. It can monitor the paths that shoppers take, and provide quantitative data on customer movements to help retailers increase their productivity.

It’s an approach that has a broad range of potential uses in shopping centres, airports and railways, exhibition centres and art galleries and museums.  

PREPARING FOR THE MARKET - Using The Hub Network From The Beginning

Path Intelligence sought early input from its local Enterprise Hub Director. At an early stage the Hub Network was able to help it to with advice on the right funding options, which enabled them to grow to the stage of pilot trials of the technology. It was here that the Hub’s local network proved invaluable, as they were able to negotiate with a local shopping centre to trial the Footpath technology.

Managing Director Sharon Biggar said, “If I met other entrepreneurs I would advise them to talk to their Enterprise Hub as soon as possible. There’s a lot of support available, but it’s hard to know where to go at first.”

PROSPECTS - Installing Technology Around The World

Path Intelligence is currently piloting the technology at a premium shopping centre in Portsmouth and has been asked to install their technology in shopping centres in London and Hong Kong.

Solent Enterprise Hub Director, Arthur Monks said,“Path Intelligence has developed a completely new source of marketing data for the retail sector. It is are using existing mobile phone technology  in a novel and patented way to produce a range of statistical data. This is typical of the start-up firms that the Hub Network works with: using our experience and contacts to help create a high value business.”


Toby Oliver heads the organisation and in particular leads the technology operations. Toby has over eight years of experience in developing technology with leading companies such as IBM Research Laboratories and JP Morgan. Sharon Biggar leads the finance and statistical operations.

Sharon’s background is in financial and economic consulting. She has over five years of consulting experience at Charles River Associates and Booz Allen Hamilton.  


3,725 shopping centres in Europe.    

Current spend on consumer related research is £137 million.    

Mobile phone penetration is above 80% in Europe.

Contact: Chris Woodley

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