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SHOWCASE: Investment Readiness - Synapse Medical Solutions Ltd



MARKET OFFER - New Wound Dressing Technology Revolutionises Health Care

Canterbury Enterprise Hub client Synapse Medical Solutions Ltd has developed a revolutionary ‘electronic’ wound dressing that works at a cellular level to increase the rate of tissue repair. Early tests have shown that this technology accelerates healing of even the most difficult wounds.

“This will bring direct economic benefits to patients and healthcare providers through faster patient turnaround and increased cost efficiency,” says Technical Director David Chapman-Jones.


Canterbury Hub Director David Butler comments, “Synapse has a highly saleable product that promises early and sustained growth potential. But it has had to prove that it is worth investing in, not only in terms of the product but as a team. The Hub has worked with them to sharpen the offer.”

This work has involved developing the attractiveness of the management team – each director has become fluent in the specialism of the other, so both can speak credibly across medical and business agendas.

“Investors need to see a team that can deliver against credible figures.” David Chapman-Jones.   


Synapse products seem poised to take over from traditional wound care products in what is a huge global market.    

The company plans to conduct a series of larger scale clinical trials  and has raised a significant figure to finance this.    They then plan to commercialise the technology through a global distribution network of companies.    

Hub Director David Butler commented, “The next stage of support from the Hub will be to assist Synapse to find the right forms of funding that will enable the company to facilitate the penetration of worldwide markets.”


The product was the culmination of 10 years research and development by Dr David Chapman-Jones who, with John Gildersleeve, launched the company in 2003. David has a medical background in sports and exercise medicine and John has a successful track record of raising money and floating companies.


The global wound care market is currently estimated to be worth around $8-10 billion per annum.    

The NHS currently spends £900 million on chronic wound care, a figure that is set to rise  to £2 billion by 2020 30% of patients occupying a hospital bed have chronic wound care needs.

Contact: Dr David Chapman-Jones

Published: 23rd March 2006

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