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Falling ill when you’re abroad is everyone’s nightmare, partly because of the language difficulties. Supported by the Isle of Wight Enterprise Hub, a doctor has come up with a brilliantly simple service that helps people get the treatment they need when travelling.    

Using, anyone can create a medical record in English and instantly translate it into any of 36 languages. It works from a carefully compiled database of medical terms pulled together by medical translators and supports a wide range of medical conditions, medications and operations.    

“Having your medical details available in an accurate, organised and easily understood format helps medical professionals make better decisions,” says founder, Dr Karl Berge-Venter. “It means patients get the best treatment, whether they  are at home or abroad.”    

Hub Director Ken Dueck of the Isle of Wight Hub says, “This fulfils such an obvious need that we expect great demand for the service from both doctors and travellers, and great results for an obviously professional team.”    

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Published: 23rd March 2006

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