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INNOVATIONS: Bubbling Over

Covering a swimming pool is quite a science these days. EAST SUSSEX Hub client Plastipack Ltd is manufacturing high quality polythene bubble material for swimming pool covers and other niche markets. It’s a unique idea that leads to real savings in water, chemicals and heat.    

Chief Executive, Peter Adlington says, “We place a lot of emphasis on research and development so we’ve been able to develop really advanced materials that are resistant to chlorine and ultra violet light and that can actually heat the pool.”     

Having achieved ISO 9001 certification the company has now invested in extra production equipment and increased floor capacity in order to service increasing demand.    

Jim Christy, Hastings Hub Director says, “Plastipack is a superb company and Peter demonstrates all the qualities of a true entrepreneur. It is rapidly increasing its export markets across the world and is involved in research and development to improve and  further develop the product to ensure it is at the forefront of this technology.”   

Contact: Pauline Ralph


Published: 23rd March 2006

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