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Innovative medical design company 2iDesigns is making a name for itself by finding unique solutions to tricky problems.    

The Reading Hub client’s latest idea, developed in partnership with the Royal Brompton Hospital, solves a common and painful problem associated with intravenous (IV)treatments into the hand or forearm. Standard IV treatments use an introducer needle, which is inserted into the vein in order to push the cannula into position.     

This is held in place by butterfly tape, but the cannula can become dislodged causing pain and even injury. Cannulock is a bracelet that carries a 3-way tape with an extension tube and acts as a safe buffer between the connected tubes and the cannula, making it difficult to pull the cannula out.    

A single-use snap closure locks the device in place and is only removable using scissors, making it “tamper-proof” and disposable.    

“This device is set to revolutionise IV care, especially since it doesn't require any modification to the techniques currently used,” says Dr Iden Shams, owner and founder of the company.   Hub Director Susan Elliott says, “The company has developed a number of ideas, many of which have already found a place in the market. We’ve been able to help it along the way to plan for and seek investment funds, which is still a priority for 2iDesigns.”  

Contact: Dr Iden Shams

Published: 23rd March 2006

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