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INNOVATIONS: The Gas Is Always Greener - But Where?


Making the decision to switch to green fuels is one thing, but finding it can be even more of a challenge. BIOENERG, ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIALISTS, help make sense of the increasingly fragmented biofuels market.    

BioenerG a client of the Milton Keynes Enterprise Hub has developed a comprehensive one-stop service that helps suppliers and customers to find each other. The ‘no hassle’ service helps customers to sell through a new website whilst the quality and origin of the fuels can be monitored using the company's easy to use mobile analysis tools, the BioBlend and Biospec.    

Managing Director, Mark Simmons says, “As a facilitator we enable greater access to renewable energy sources. Our analysis gives security to customers who need reliable green fuels. Greater use of these will reduce dangerous carbon emissions and work towards stopping climate change.”    

Hub Director, Chris Dunkley says, “When Mark originally discussed his idea with us he was considering being a primary supplier of biofuels.  It became evident however through our discussions that the market failure and therefore biggest potential was in the brokerage between customers and suppliers. I believe this company has great potential for significant growth.”


Published: 23rd March 2006

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