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How can I equip our staff to do better?

However big or small your business, to be successful you need to identify areas where you can improve your performance, and act to improve them.

Developing the skills of your staff is an important way of improving your business chances - new skills can improve your productivity, competitiveness and profitability. Your first step should be to compare the skills you have with the skills you need to achieve your business goals.

A training needs analysis (TNA) is a way of assessing the gap between the skills you have and the skills you need or will need. Your Hub Director can help you find more information on this.

Make the most of the skills your staff already have

It makes sense to start with what you've already got. Assess the skills of the people you already employ and see whether you’re currently making the most of their potential. The answer to skills gaps you’ve identified might be right under your nose.

A formal development review process is a good way of keeping track of the skills and training possessed by staff at all levels in your business. It also allows you to draw up skills-development plans which marry the needs of your business with the personal goals of your employees. Your Hub can introduce you to sources of help and support for training and staff development, such as Leadership Advisors and Train to Gain.

Lastly, don’t forget that if your business is to succeed, there are certain skills which you as an owner will have to develop. You will need to develop leadership skills to take the business forward, and management skills to make the most of the staff you have. Again, your Hub can help with access to training and advice.

Susan Elliott Thames Valley Enterprise Hub 

Contact: Ally Charles


Published: 12th April 2008

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