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How To Build A Team


Mentors can help to identify the gaps in the skill/experience set a team has, and may sometimes convert from mentoring to more direct engagement in the team. Talk to your local Enterprise Hub to find out more about business mentoring and coaching.  


Focused networking is one of the best ways to find people to strengthen the team. Enterprise Hubs are a focal point for local peer group networking for young businesses with high growth potential. Get in touch with your nearest Enterprise Hub to get linked in to networking focused on business growth.  

Balanced Teams

Try reading about Meredith Belbin’s team roles to understand the ideal composition of a balanced team, and compare it to yours – what are you missing? A good source is  

Sales first

Make sure that someone adopts Belbin’s ‘Resource Investigator’ role from day one, even if it isn’t their strongest suit – this is the role type for the sales person, and sales are vital. Too many start-ups concentrate on the product development, without actually engaging with potential users/customers.  

Help is here

Finally, don’t panic. It is imperative to get the right team around you, but there is help available through the Enterprise Hub Network and its connections.

Firstly, there is the regional Executive’s Register, which has been set up under the CommercialiSE programme to help innovative new companies find senior executives with an understanding of the needs and financial constraints of early stage businesses.

Secondly, there is an expert team of business leadership advisors, who can help you assess your entrepreneurial team using psychometric tools like Belbin and Myers-Briggs. They can help you assess the team development needs and source funding towards relevant personnel training and development.

Contact: Ally Charles


Published: 12th April 2008

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