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Companies throughout the Enterprise Hub Network are turning innovative ideas into commercial success. Here are just a few new ideas that you can expect to see more of in the future.

The Barbeskew Revolution

Gatwick Diamond Enterprise Hub company Barbeskew are set to revolutionise the great British Summer with the BarbeSkew - the world’s first hands-free barbecue

The BarbeSkew takes its name from the words BARBEcue and SKEWer, and combines the traditional bbq with a spit roast. The BarbeSkew automatically rotates the food slowly on skewers ensuring it is cooked thoroughly but making sure it doesn’t burn. Traditional barbecue food such as sausages, burgers and fish can be cooked in the rotating cages. It is inspired by a barbecue style which is popular in the Mediterranean.

The BarbeSkew’s features include:           

  • automatic slow-rotating skewers           
  • advanced and innovative heat control raising and lowering the charcoal tray           
  • removable charcoal tray for easy cleaning

Entrepreneur Ed Wray, the brainchild behind the BarbeSkew, says, “On a traditional barbecue, the food is placed on the grill – it burns.  It is turned over – it burns again.  And then it is taken off the grill too early – uncooked. And what are you left with? Burnt uncooked food. Once you’ve tried The BarbeSkew, you will never return to a grill barbecue.”

The BarbeSkew won the New Product of the Year Award 2007 in the Leisure Category at Glee – an international garden and leisure trade fair at the NEC. It was up against 1,500 other exhibitors.

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Virtual TV delivers fitness when and where you want it

Europe’s first online gym began broadcasting from Medway City Estate studios last week, bringing exercise classes direct to members’ PCs.

Medway Enterprise Hub client is set to revolutionise the fitness industry, offering an alternative to smelly, sweat-soaked traditional gyms and encouragement to the 90 per cent of the UK population who want to exercise but find excuses not to.

Celebrity fitness trainer Nicki Waterman has joined the creative team behind VirtualGym TV to record regular workouts as well as give inspiration to everyone who wants to have a go at getting fit. She commented, “I am really excited about working with VirtualGym TV and the difference such a service can make to people’s lives.”

VirtualGym TV creators have used the latest technology to bring high-quality broadcast to the online channel and have incorporated many of the features people like about gyms. This includes a Virtual Personal Trainer feature which prescribes individually-tailored fitness regimes, records progress, prompts by email and rewards effort.

Medway Enterprise Hub Director Ray Wynne, commented, “This is a great new service for people who want to improve their fitness and health but lack the time to attend regular gym sessions through family or business commitments. I’ve been particularly impressed with the determination and energy that the founder has put in to delivering a new internet TV channel from a standing start in under four months.”

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Sky's the limit for Bluesky

Surrey Hub client, Product Designer and Inventor Dominic Robinson has invented a new design of seat that is set to revolutionise the airline industry.

The new seat design, which was awarded the Double Gold British Invention of the Year in 2006 redesigns conventional seat architecture to create access to otherwise inaccessible space under the seat in front, maximising the seat count and permitting comfortable sleep.

Surrey Enterprise Hub Manager Joanne Jenkins commented, “It’s great to see genuinely innovative and exciting products recognised, and that’s exactly what’s happening with BlueSky. We look forward to working with Dominic to develop this great idea into a successful business.”

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Contact: Ally Charles


Published: 12th April 2008

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