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Hub company partners University in revolutionary study

Solent Hub company, Computer Assets AND Portsmouth University are about to engage in a major study on the effectiveness of remote working. The study is aimed at examining how remote networking can be implemented to create effective remote teams, and its results could revolutionise the way we all work.

Computer Assets Business Director, Andy Harris commented, ”The UK is on the verge of a working revolution that could rival the Industrial Revolution. Remote working is the future - all the technical requirements are now in place - all it takes is the skill and the will to use those elements to make remote working a part of everyone's working life, with all the advantages that will bring. We're very excited to have been chosen to partner Portsmouth University in this groundbreaking study, and we're grateful to the Solent Hub for all the help it has given us so far.”

Arthur Monks, Solent Hub Director, said ”Computer Assets is approaching virtual office working in a very novel way. This way of working is becoming more common amongst knowledge-based firms, and they have a largely untapped market to go after.”

Computer Assets specialises in the field of remote team working, providing consultancy and innovative, effective solutions for organisations wishing to achieve the benefits of remote working.


Published: 06th February 2006

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