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Government help for food companies in South East

Government money will soon be available to support the growth of small and medium sized food companies in the South East of England through a new initiative called the Food Technology Enterprise Hub.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for food companies in the South East,” says Director Simon Dale. “It’s the first time regional aid has been given to the food industry in this part of the UK, and there are some very strong business partners and mentors supporting the initiative. If you work in the food industry and have got a good idea for a new product or new technology, this could be the opportunity you need to get the financial, technical, marketing and legal backing you need to turn that idea into a strong and profitable business.”

The Food Technology Enterprise Hub (FTEH) is a free service. Support is provided on two levels. Firstly, for companies with innovative technology and entrepreneurial management (Portfolio Members) intense business support is available in the form of mentors, access to venture capitalists, assistance with applying for Government grants, etc. For more mainstream food companies (Network Members) a network of technical and business support is available from the FTEH partners (Reading Scientific Services Ltd, East Malling Research, Natural Resources Institute, Kent Business School, Leatherhead Food International) and other organisations.

Contact: Simon Dale


Published: 06th February 2006

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