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Network Locations

Telabria Takes Off


Telabria, the award-winning UK regional network operator, has launched its wide area wireless broadband network after six months of intensive trials in Kent.

Targeted at both residential and business markets, the Skylink service offers customers symmetric Broadband speeds up to 10Mbps, as well as voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephone service.

“In the UK symmetric Broadband services are scarce outside metropolitan areas,” said Jim Baker, Telabria’s CEO and founder. “In Kent, less than 16% of the telephone exchanges support symmetric DSL (SDSL) which means customers will be highly challenged to take advantage of emerging technologies such as VoIP and video conferencing which demand fast upload capability.”

Skylink subscribers benefit from speeds unavailable over xDSL in most of the UK, and unlike many ADSL subscriptions usage is not subject to monthly limits. All Skylink packages are available with a telephone service that works over the subscriber’s Broadband connection and which does not require a traditional landline to operate.

Subscribers will connect to the Skylink network via a small outdoor radio, typically mounted at roof height, which connects to the nearest Skylink base station; service is then delivered to a standard Ethernet jack located in the customers premises.    


Published: 06th February 2006

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