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Memset goes carbon neutral

Surrey Enterprise Hub client Memset is the first provider of Web hosting servers and solutions in the UK to become carbon neutral.    

The accreditation by The Carbon Neutral Company acknowledges that Memset has committed to minimising its energy usage and to offsetting its unavoidable carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by supporting a Plan Vivo reforestation project in Uganda.   

The biggest source of CO2 from Memset’s operations is due to the electrical power required to drive its servers, which are core to its business.   

However, Memset has always invested in the most energy efficient hosting systems. This not only has significant cost savings for the customers, it is also very energy efficient. A Memset MiniserverTM virtual machine uses as little as 10Watts; this compares with the 120Watts that a typical dedicated server would use, even when idling. 

“We pride ourselves on our corporate socialresponsibility, and not harming the environment is particularly important to us,” says Kate Craig-Wood, Managing Director of Memset. “By tackling our climate change impacts and offsetting our unavoidable CO2 emissions with the regeneration of forestry in Uganda, we can ensure that we are minimising our contribution to global warming. Moreover, by being as ‘green’ as we possibly can, also has some significant commercial benefits to us and to our customers.”  

Contact www.memset.comT 0800 195 4968

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