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MARINE: Hawksley Silicon Systems


Hawksley Silicon Systems (HSS) is an electronic design consultancy specialising in marine control systems using microcontroller technology. 

A prototype system is currently undergoing sea trials and this advanced marine hybrid will be available for demonstration by the end of 2006. HSS has sophisticated laboratory facilities and is able to model and analyse every aspect of a hybrid system’s performance.  

Managing Director Graeme Hawksley said, “we are pursuing a number of patents for our control technologies. We’ve identified a number of potential customers and the next stage is to develop a commercial offering. This is a tricky step for an SME as significant investment is required. We have received a considerable amount of help from the Isle of Wight Hub and the Merlin Mentor scheme.”  

Isle of Wight Enterprise Hub Director Ken Dueck commented, “Hawksley Silicon Systems is an excellent example of the innovation that we are seeking turn into a commercial success.

“The Isle of Wight has a long history of innovation in engineering design, and Graeme’s work deserves to become another business successstory in this tradition.”  


Contact: Ally Charles


Published: 07th November 2006

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