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Outstanding Oxfordshire - Rideo Systems


Dr Paul Apte Rideo Systems   Rideo develop software, hardware and instrumentation for laser micro-machining systems.  

Laser micro-machining is used in the production of devices such as inkjet nozzles, flat panel and small LCD displays. The application of lasers is a growing field and Dr Apte expects it to continue to grow rapidly,  

“The biggest difficulties in leaving a large company – where you have a lot of support and infrastructure – to start your own company – where you have to do everything yourself – is achieving a degree of balance. The advice the Hub has offered has been very helpful with achieving that balance.  

“With the Hub’s help I’ve also recently managed to win an R&D grant from SEEDA for 18 months, which will help me to develop new instrumentation and control systems for a next generation of laser micro machining systems. That will enable us to make the transition from a systems consultant to a systems builder. That will change our business model because once we are supplying high value systems rather than consulting we have a scaleable model.  

“The vision is to have a company that develops niche technology for the laser materials processing industry, both in terms of selling machines but also developing technology that can be taken up by larger industrial partners.”  

John Lee comments “Paul will make a dramatic step forward from a laser accessories integrator to a special purpose laser supply company. When and not if this happens Rideo will become a multimillion pound turn over company.”    


Contact: Ally Charles


Published: 07th November 2006

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