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Sun never sets on Solarstar


Sittingbourne Enterprise Hub client, Solarstar Technology Ltd, are forging links with several Asian countries in the Tsunami zone to licence their innovative renewable technologies. Their Solar powered generators, lanterns, flood defences and water purification systems are attracting great interest, particularly amongst countries that have experienced disaster at first hand. Chris George, Engineering Director says, "Our partners know the vital importance of having power, light, flood water pumps and clean water to provide rapid humanitarian aid in the aftermath of catastrophe." They are also helping communities in South Africa and Ghana with a low tech model of their solar powered generators. These only rely on power control technology from the UK, so they can be built locally, both creating jobs and generating a power supply for sewing machines, lightings systems, phones, laptops and many other devices. "The Hub has been able to provide the right support at the right time to Solarstar and they’re beginning to reap the benefits of having built a team around their ideas. This is an approach we would encourage all Hub companies to adopt early in their life cycle," said Hub Director John Dodd.

Contact: John Dodd
Publish Date: 12th December 2007

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