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Consultancy First secured 30K from Catalyst Loan Fund

Consultancy first

Corporate compliance consultancy, Consultancy First has just secured a £30,000 Catalyst Fund loan matched with additional personal investment, with a help from Thames Valley Enterprise Hub. The initial working capital will fulfil early contracts, marketing & sales activities, web site development, and business set-up costs.  

The Catalyst Fund - managed by Finance South East on behalf of the Enterprise Hub Network - is designed to catalyse early revenue generation in companies that have passed the proof of Concept Stage  

MD Geoff Sloan said “The recent enactment of Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide (CMCH) legislation is the culmination of this Government’s pre-election promise to give more ‘teeth’ to Health and Safety Legislation.  This becomes active in April 2008, and if you run a company you might be at risk!”  

The Government have highlighted their wish to target companies who, in their view, have paid scant regard to the proper management of health and safety issues, particularly where such an attitude has led to fatal consequences.   Any company director taking their fiduciary responsibilities seriously will be constantly assessing the risks, both internal and external, to their corporate viability, as Mr Sloan explains, “They will assess the risk posed by competitors, market changes and financial volatility, but will they have considered the dangers posed by drug or alcohol abuse within their workforce or contractors?  In many instances, the answer will be ‘No’”.  

Consultancy First Ltd (CFL) helps companies develop effective drugs and alcohol policies. The company delivers the following: Provision of consultative expertise in the assessment of corporate risk including:

  • Analysis of existing corporate drugs and alcohol policies
  • New policies writing if none exist
  • Provision of appropriate staff training.

The scaleable aspect of the business is in implementing the operation of set policies by agreed methods including:

  • Pre-employment, random and ‘for cause’ drugs and alcohol sample collection
  • Screening and laboratory testing  

Susan Elliott, Director of Thames Valley Enterprise Hub, commented, “We are delighted to have been able to work with Consultancy First to secure this funding and so help to capitalize on this unique business opportunity.”

Contact: Susan Elliot
Publish Date: 27th February 2008

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