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Enterprise Update - 7th

Enterprise Update - Edition 7th

The 7th edition of Enterprise Update features four Hub companies which are benefiting from a range of early stage business funds, including a SEEDA micro grant, co-operative University support, a development grant and commercialisation award from Finance South East. This demonstrates how companies with differing needs can benefit from various funding options available.

Youngsters in loco motion as Brighton’s Locomatrix wins investment
Locomatrix, a Brighton-based company, is quite literally aiming to reshape the landscape of the gaming industry by launching a GPS-enabled mobile phone platform that encourages children to play outdoors. 
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Funding opens online changing room door for iStylista
iStylista, an online personal stylist service that provides clients with the ‘ultimate time saving solution to clothes shopping’, has received funding of £25,000 from Finance South East to help commercialise the company’s new Online Changing Room concept.
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GFC Diagnostics awarded R&D grant to develop saliva smoke alarm
GFC Diagnostics, a company that produces and supplies a simple test to detect and monitor tobacco smoking habits, has been awarded a £20,000 SEEDA Micro Research and Development Grant to help the business develop a saliva-based test.
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Development grant for University of Oxford spin out makes perfect sensor
Oxford RF Sensors, a company that designs non-contact electromagnetic sensors based on patented Radio Frequency (RF) technology developed at the University of Oxford, has been awarded a SEEDA Development grant of £170,000 to develop simple inexpensive water quality sensors.
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