Find out how we can help. We work with companies at all stages of development, and with different degrees of involvement.

Our services are free, but not every company will be able to benefit from them. Companies differ in the type and degree of help they need; your Hub will be able to advise you on how much help we will be able to offer you. In order to qualify for all the help we can offer companies should:

  • Be seeking to commercialise a technology or knowledge-based innovation
  • Have a potential market which is at least national and probably international
  • Have the ambition and potential to grow
  • Be open to advice, networking and collaboration and be motivated by
    interactions with like-minded peers
  • Be highly innovative and able to demonstrate entrepreneurial business flair

If you fulfil these criteria, then the Hub Network can help you. Contact us for more information about your next step.

If you're not quite the sort of company we are designed to help, then you may be able to get help from other organisations.

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